Civil & Structural

Burdock specialises in contracting, search and selection, engineering and project management for the leading infrastructural and civil projects. We provide professionals in the infrastructural and civil construction fields to organisations who are involved in nationwide projects.

Leading projects in Civil & Structural Engineering

Burdock Civil & Structural Engineering is involved in many interesting projects. Here, we highlight some of the most interesting. Our projects are centred mostly on roadworks, waterworks, civil concrete construction and rail infra. Burdock Civil & Structural is expanding to other areas, such as development, cables and water management.

In order to realise our projects to the best of our ability, we continuously train our employees with various subject-oriented training. Think of Prince 2, Integral Project Management and UAV-GC. They are also involved in a great number of technical trainings, such as System Engineering, Revit and Civil 3D. Per branche, our employees collect and exchange knowledge to expand their specialisation.


Voor provincie Zuid-Holland werken we mee aan het project Rijnlandroute. Dit realiseert de verbinding tussen de A4 en A44 ten zuiden van Leiden. Dit om de verkeersdrukte te reguleren.

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In de projectcombinatie Rotterdamsebaan werken we mee aan de nieuwe verbindingsweg tussen knooppunt Ypenburg (A4/A13) en de Centrumring van Den Haag: de Rotterdamsebaan.

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MAVA-project: verbreding van de A15

De A15 tussen de Maasvlakte en het Vaanplein is aangepakt om de doorstroming te verbeteren en de veiligheid te optimaliseren. In totaal kwam er 85 km extra rijstrooklengte bij.

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Voor ProRail en Havenbedrijf Rotterdam werkt Burdock mee aan samenwerking voor een spoorverbinding van de Betuweroute buiten de Calandbrug om richting Maasvlakte 2.

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Gaasperdammerweg (IXAS)

Binnen het project IXAS werken we aan de uitbreiding van de A9 tussen Holendrecht en Diemen: de Gaasperdammerweg. In het project verbeteren we de toegankelijkheid van de regio.

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Integral Project Management

We like to think along with our customers. That is why we work in accordance with Integrated Project Management (IPM), which allows us to easily join the work processes of Rijkswaterstaat, provinces, municipalities and water boards. All of our employees have IPM roles and positions.

IPM roles at Burdock Civil & Structural

Within the IPM roles are five main positions, comprising various roles and positions:

  • Project management focuses on the correct implementation of the project (Project Managers and Engineers).
  • Technical management focuses on securing the risks from the organization, project and client (Design Draftsmen, Engineers and System Engineers).
  • Environmental management focuses on the relationship between all stakeholders in a project (Licensing Specialists and Communications staff).
  • Project management focuses on identifying and managing potential risks (Planners, Risk Managers, Quality Consultants).
  • Contract management manages risks between the client and the market (Contract Consultants and Supervisors).

In addition to our IPM roles, we’re also involved in Asset Management. This focuses on inspection and maintenance (such as Maintenance Managers and Civil Engineering Inspectors).


In all roles we have a total of 138 employees. Do you want a full overview of all our experts? Please contact us.