About us

Burdock is a specialised supplier for the industry. We focus mainly on niche markets, where complex changes have caused capacity issues. We work with leading key players. And we have preferred supplier contracts with important organisations. There are now 450 experts from 5 countries working for us.


Specialised sector knowledge

With our sector knowledge, we offer international recruitment, secondment and project management of technical professionals. But we are also the regional and national connection between professionals and businesses.



We are always looking for new colleagues who want to stand out in this world. Our new colleagues are ensured of a professional work environment with inspiring clients.


Your career

Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to the most interesting projects in your field? We offer project at your level of experience. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent graduate: we aim to further your career. We do this through interesting projects and positions in the field. But also through training, education and coaching.

Our offices

Burdock works world-wide from offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Servia and Malaysia. Our offices all have a large regional network.


At Burdock, quality is paramount. We are therefore proud to announce that the main Burdock companies have obtained the ISO-9001 certificate with a validity of 3 years. Safety is as essential to Burdock as quality, and Burdock has obtained the VCU certificate again for the coming 3 years, covering the same scope of activities as the ISO-9001 certificate. The three main Burdock companies are included in the public Labour Standards Register of SNA (Labour Standards Foundation) as they comply with the NEN 4400 requirements.