COBRAcable Project

Customer: COBRAcable
Sector: Energy
Duration: 2017-2019

The Netherlands and Denmark are collaborating in the construction of a cable connection between the two countries. The cable will make (sustainable) Dutch capacity structurally available to the Danish electric grid and vice versa. We are collaborating with TenneT in this large-scale project.

Goal of the COBRAcable project

The construction of the COBRAcable has benefits for both countries. More durable energy is imported, especially wind energy from Denmark. For Denmark, ensuring delivery reliability is of great importance. The cable will structurally make Dutch capacity available to the Danish net and vice versa. Also, the cable connection is designed to make it possible at a later stage to connect an offshore wind park. Through this, the cable contributes to the realisation of a sustainable international energy landscape, which is one of the goals of the European Union.



We started at this project in 2017. It is expected to run until 2019. More on the project progress can be read on the COBRAcable project website.