For our client we are looking to recruit a QC Manager.


  • Under the supervision of HOC Service and Method Manager and QAS Department, ensure the correct application of the Quality Management System for the site
  • Assure that the Field Construction Staff is monitoring the execution of work in accordance to the quality standard requested by Project Execution Plan and Site Quality Control (Job Spec.)
  • Verify that prescribed standard of quality control is maintained, including, but not limited to, the following with Field Project Engineer & Supervisors: the availability at site and the issue to Subcontractors staff of last revision of “approved for construction” drawings, job specifications, purchase orders and material requisitions:
  • with involved Supervisors: the receipt of copies of the Chemical and Physical Test certificates for used materials and for all materials which require such documentation by Code requirements
  • with welding inspector: the issue and updating of Subcontractors Welding Book, the qualification and approval of welding procedures, the validity of welders’ test certificates, the maintenance of welding records as per procedure WI-CON590
  • Analyze trends in works execution recording by sampling QC formats and notifies the Construction Manager & Field/Area Supervisors corrective measures
  • Assure that all Quality Control procedures and other field procedures included in Construction Quality Control Plan are kept updated to Client and to Subcontractors
  • Coordinate the T/O activities for the definition of the format, the content and filing of the “hand over dossiers”
  • Agrees and coordinate with Client QC representative all activities and deliverables related to QC and T/O matters
  • Ensure that the tests, controls and inspections are carried out and documented in accordance with the Site Quality Control Plan Ensure that QC certificates as per latest and approved Site Quality Control Plan are received from field supervisors and filed in the proper “Hand Over Dossier”
  • Assure that Construction staff is fully aware of and familiar with the requirements of the above procedures
  • Provide the distribution to all site staff of information such as last revision of QC formats and procedures to assure that effective actions result from such information distribution
  • Periodically audit the above with field/area supervisors assuring that rectification of any errors, flaws or failures are being carried out and that results are notified, recorded and distributed Managing and systematically recording the nonconformity reports issued on site, checking that the relative solutions are in compliance with the acceptability criteria and that the time schedule is consistent with site requirements
  • Attend site meetings on quality control matters and distributes notes of meeting
  • Ensure that all requirement of PED Directive are strictly followed. Split of responsibility described on the attached “Responsibility table for PED application during field construction activities” Systematically inform HOC Service and Method Manager on the progress of quality-related site activities
  • Ensure the Subcontractor’s measuring tools have been calibrated by an approved agency
  • Check material quality and provide that all field tests are made according to project technical documents and applicable codes and specifications. Maintain record of all tests. Extent of testing shall be as foreseen in contractual project specifications. Additional tests, which involve extra costs, may be required by Supervisor after approval of Construction Manager/Area Superintendent (jointly with Field QC Coordinator)
  • Identify possible Non Conformities according to the Quality Assurance System Procedure both for System and on Contract
  • Suggest the Corrective Action according to the Quality Assurance System Procedure both for System and on Contract
  • Keep a set of up to date copies of all the drawings relevant to works supervised and maintain in separate file all superseded copies, clearly identified as “SUPERSEDED”
  • Keep all records for acceptance and check out Check acceptance forms for performed work and state that work is in accordance with Drawings/requisitions or reject the work with a precise description why
  • Verify the availability of the codes applicable to the project in the Subcontractor site office
  • Ensure that all QC activities (type and extension) are executed in due time according to relevant Site quality Control (Job Spec.) and applicable codes and specifications
  • Collect and file all the relevant QC Forms, according to the Turnover Procedure
  • Ensure the Subcontractor’s measuring tools have been calibrated by an approved agency


  • Fluent in English
  • German language knowledge
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in the role
  • Eligible to work in Europe


  • You will join an international group with the possibility to develop yourself professionally.
  • You will have the possibility to work on projects for the most renowned companies.
  • You can count on a competitive salary package.


Natasha Abrams, Bart Van Oevelen, Gitte Nietvelt, Steffi Van Beeck
+32 3 650 09 25