Customer: Project combination Rotterdamsebaan

Sector: civil engineering

Duration: 2016-2020

In the Rotterdamsebaan project combination we are working on the connecting road between the Ypenburg junction (A4/A13) and the Central belt of The Hague: the Rotterdamsebaan. The Rotterdamsebaan will make The Hague and the region more accessible and ensures more room for traffic. In that way, the project hopes to limit traffic jams, to make the city and region more appealing for businesses. 

Goal of the Rotterdamsebaan project

The Rotterdamsebaan connects to A4 and A13 to The Hague. That improves traffic flow and relieves pressure on the Utrechtsebaan, making The Hague and the region more accessible.


This leading project is set to finish in 2020. The project starts with the reconstruction of the Laan van Hoornwijck between 2016 and 2018. More information about the project’s progress can be found at the Rotterdamsebaan project website.