Burdock has over 25 years of experience in the Civil & Structural, Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. We count several large players in these sector, we are connected to a large network of partners and professionals. Burdock professionals are active on countless interesting locations and projects worldwide.


Civil & Structural

We are a trusted partner of governments, builders and engineering agencies. For key players in the market, we work at high-profile structures in the Randstad area. Our professionals contribute to inspirational constructions.



We work at several multi-million euro projects in wind, solar and offshore cable. We do that for the ‘big five’ companies in the energy market, like GE and Siemens. But we also have years of experience in the traditional energy market.


Oil & Gas

We are an established name within the Oil & Gas sector. The past few years we have built a relationship with the biggest parties in the industry, like Shell and ENGIE. For several players we work at construction and maintenance on and of petrochemical sites.