Project Theemswegtrace

Customer: ProRail en Port Installations Rotterdam

Sector: civil engineering

Duration: 2017-2021

For ProRail and Port Installations Rotterdam we are working on a railroad connection from the Betuwe route around the Caland Bridge toward Maasvlakte 2. The Theemswegtrace has to ensure a better connection between Rotterdam harbour and its hinterland. The project is set to finish in 2020, when the Caland Bridge has reached the end of its lifespan.

Goal of the Theemswegtrace project

The Theemswegtrace project is realising an around four kilometres long railway from the Merseyweg. Via a raised rail overpass along the Theemsweg this railway will follow the Neckarweg up to the Moezelweg. At the Thomassentunnel and the Rozenburgse sluice the rail will pass two arch bridges. The rail will connect to the current railway again around the A15.

Our professionals

We have placed a senior constructor, a water specialist and a specifications writer in this leading project.


The Theemswegtrace trace decision has been made public recently. At the moment, ProRail and Port Installations Rotterdam are querying the market. They expect the project to be finished before 2020. More information about the project progress can be found on the Theemswegtrace project website.