For our client we are looking to recruit a QA/QC Engineer.


  • Manages the delegated QA/ QC responsibility of the Construction Manager.
  • Inspects Contractors works at the jobsite through the organization of Construction Supervisors for compliance with the QA/ QC standards mentioned in the contract
  • Plans, organizes, coordinates and supervises Field QA/ QC Inspection Group at the jobsite and at off site prefab sites if applicable
  • Maintains interface with construction supervision, client, government representatives and Notified Body’s on matters concerning quality
  • Maintains inspection records and advises construction supervision of any unusual condition or problems concerning the quality of work
  • Approves acceptance inspection of all delivered material and installed work at the jobsite
  • As delegated and assigned by the Construction Manager
  • Can delegate a part of his authority other members of the Field Inspection Group


  • You will join an international group with the possibility to develop yourself professionally.
  • You will have the possibility to work on projects for the most renowned companies.
  • You can count on a competitive salary package.
  • Duration 1,5 year


Natasha Abrams, Bart Van Oevelen, Gitte Nietvelt, Lynn Bouton
+32 3 650 09 25